Sales management

Furnqube is equipped with a central and intuitive sales interface. Create a made to order digitally on tablet or PC. Paper sales receipts are a thing of the past!

  • Enhance the customer experience thanks to a rapid sales process
  • Multi-platform cash register system
  • Offer your sales staff the tools to provide an excellent customer service.
  • Time savings through connection with purchase module
  • Extensive sales history
  • Transform quotation into sales orders in a click
  • Manage promotions and discounts
Sales management


Furnqube manage special orders in a rapid and easy way. The software builds and manage purchase orders sending them digitally to the right supplier with the right item code and price. 

  • Wrong comunication with the supplier and incorrect purchase orders are kept to a minimum.
  • Shrink double work thanks to the direct link between sales and purchase
  • Increase the customer service thanks to a precise delivery time communication
  • Digital order creation and personalized document layout
  • Complete history of purchase orders

Inventory management

Have always a clear stock view in real time. Manage all incoming items and prepare shipments to your customer. Improve the lead time of the warehouse and reduce overhead costs to a minimum. Fewer mistakes will help increasing the customer satisfaction.

  • Real-time stock overview
  • Clear warehouse structure
  • Just-in-time inventory management
  • Optimize reservations and deliveries
  • Easier inventory
  • Clear agreements with customer and supplier
Inventory management
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After sale service

Exceeds the customer's expectations with an optimized after-sales service management. Furnqube contains a simple but complete system for managing all repairs and returns. From the creation of an after-sales service, all necessary operations are managed, whether they are repairs by the customer, repairs at your warehouse or have to be sent back to the supplier.

  • Improve customer loyalty and boost up your company name
  • Time and money savings in litigations about possible product flaws or damages
  • Positive customer feedback on social media
  • Agile and reactive internal structure
After sale service


Furnqube contains numerous statistics and data. The application gives entrepreneurs the right information to make targeted decisions. Decisions based on concrete numbers stimulate your furniture store's growth and productivity and save time and money.

  • All key data available within the application¬†
  • Targeted statistics
  • Key information for strategic decisions
  • Increased contractual power with suppliers
  • Performance analysis by Supplier/model/item


With Furnqube you can bulid invoices in a simple and intuitive way. The documents can be customized with your logos and data. Send invoices in a digital format to the customer and save paper and manual work. Manage your invoicing and complete them with your payments.

  • Invoicing advance payments/ deposits
  • Harmonized layout for all documents
  • Counter sales receipts
  • Invoicing creation in few clicks
  • Tick and check advance payment ans sals invoice

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